Our office is a inviting safe space.

I listen and attend to the concerns and desires of all individuals and families I serve. I believe that positive relationships, integrated with state of the art evaluation, treatment and/or consultation services, are fundamental for success in achieving our well-planned goals.

Campbell Speech and Language Services
provides evaluation, treatment, and consulting services for individuals of
all ages with a wide range of communication disorders or difficulties including:

Receptive Language Skills

•  Understanding vocabulary
•  Language / Auditory processing issues
•  Following increasingly more complex and longer directions
•  Comprehension of narrative spoken language
•  Comprehension of written language

Expressive Language Skills

•  Vocabulary
•  Word retrieval
•  Grammar
•  Telling stories and relating events
•  Sequencing information
•  Pertinence of Information provided
•  Idiosyncratic styles

Speech Sound Production Skills

•  Producing sounds
•  Speaking clearly
•  Coordinating oral movements
•  Apraxia of Speech


Pre-literacy and Reading Development Skills

•  Pre-reading skills
•  Reading decoding skills 
•  Reading comprehension skills
•  Phonological awareness skills
•  Phonological processing skills

Speech Fluency Skills 

•  Stuttering problems
•  Language-based disfluency problems

Skills of Non-Native English Speakers

•  Pronunciation
•  Understanding
•  Grammar
•  Use of colloquial expressions

All treatment goals are based upon results of a comprehensive evaluation, current research, my clinical expertise, and the desires of the client and/or family.

Consultation with other professionals is always sought before and during the treatment process when appropriate. This may include review of reports from teachers, physicians, psychologists, and neuropsychologists, among others. Interactions with these professionals may continue or be sought throughout the process.