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Nicholas was extremely shy and uncomfortable around other children. June was referred to us by Nicholas’s preschool teacher for a speech delay and his inability to interact socially with his classmates.

June's gentle manner and subtle techniques worked well with Nicholas.  He worked hard but hardly knew it.  June made learning enjoyable and interactive with the use games, fun activities and storytelling.   Nicholas worked with June diligently and we witnessed a transformation in our son. 

We are grateful to June for identifying and addressing our son's needs before they negatively affected his self-esteem. Today, he gets high marks for his classroom participation and has a wonderful group of friends.  I have recommended her to many friends and continue to do so without hesitation.

~ Nicole Kelly

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It is a privilege to be a colleague of June Haerle Campbell, M.A., CCC-SLP, BRS-FD. The breadth and depth of June's clinical expertise are founded in her superior academic background, continuing educational endeavors, unique supervisory and clinical experience, and honed clinical insight. Along with her professionalism and sound ethics, she offers quality speech and language service with a high standard of care.

~ Sue Ellen Krause, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Board Recognized Specialist in Child Language
Board Recognized Specialist in Fluency Disorders
Executive Director, Krause Speech and Language Services
Chicago, IL

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After one year of weekly sessions with our 4 year old daughter's previous therapist we were not seeing the progress we had expected or hoped for.  June Campbell was recommended by a friend as well as our pediatrician. In her initial session with our child we saw more progress than we had seen for the previous year.

June's approach is both nurturing yet regimented and has given our child tremendous confidence in her speech.  June goes above and beyond the call of duty by really getting to know our family dynamics and includes this in her therapy methods.  She does a fantastic job of establishing expectations and explaining her approach.

Our friends and family can hardly believe our daughters progress from when she started until now.  The results have been phenomenal.  We are so very grateful that June is part of our life.

~ Drew and Aimee McDonald

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June has taken the time to build a trusting personal relationship with my child.  Additionally, June has incorporated parent involvement throughout the process of improving my child's speech; the learning has been a continual process not just a focused event.  I have found that June is open to our suggestions, welcomes our questions, and therefore has earned our trust.

~ Rebekah and Erik Pompey

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My son has been going to June Campbell for over a year and the improvement we have seen in that course of time is remarkable.  June has the ability to see our son as a unique individual and not just a statistic. She has a wonderful balance of challenging his ability yet she is loving and patient with the obstacles he is trying to overcome. She caters to our specific needs, as well as those of our family. She has been invaluable in teaching me and my husband ways to improve our son’s speech through exercises we could do with him at home. June has made a positive difference in the life of my son and our family.

~ A.S.

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June is an amazing speech-language pathologist. With her help, my four-year-old son has made tremendous progress in the last 8 months.

I find June to be smart, thorough, honest, supportive, and professional. I know that she has my son's best interests at heart.  She pushes him just enough to stretch him to get him where he needs to grow. Importantly, he likes going to see her (as does his sibling who does not need speech therapy).  I appreciate that she gives us activities to follow up on at home. She also is wonderfully helpful at incorporating other learning opportunities into speech sessions, which helps both me and my son. 

Without crossing any professional boundaries she had been a friend and a support to me as a parent. We are exceedingly fortunate to have her here to help our kids I can't say enough good things about our experience with June.

~ Joella Szabo

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As a certified care manager, I work primarily with geriatric clients or people with chronic conditions that need assistance with their daily living, some including therapy for stokes or dementia.  June provides speech and language therapy of the highest professional standards blended with a caring and emotionally warm relationship with her clients. She stays abreast of new techniques in her field and maintains strong professional contacts on a national level.  Most importantly, she successfully provides the therapy needed for each individual and shares delightfully in their progress and development.

~ Donna Zahn, Geriatric Certified Care Manager

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June's gift is truly the loving spirit with which she embraces every child and family that walks through her door. She educates and reassures every one involved, and requires and supports the highest level of commitment for the child. And while "retraining" the child in speech, she educates in other disciplines - so there is a lot of bang for the buck!

~ Melissa Krueger

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June Campbell did a wonderful job working with our daughter, Olivia. Because of some fairly complex issues with her speech, we were referred to June because of her excellent reputation. June worked with Olivia in the best way to keep her motivated to improve. She was kind, gentle, patient and understanding when we, as parents, sometimes got frustrated. She would always look at new ways and new techniques to help our daughter to better communicate. Because of her extra efforts and testing, our daughter is doing much better and is able to communicate more effectively with her family and peer group. To us, June became like a member of the family.

~ Borgia

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June Campbell is a master clinician in our field.  Her knowledge, understanding of research, impeccable professionalism, and ability to relate and facilitate clients' progress places her in a category of her own.  I am honored to be her colleague and grateful to have her as a mentor.

~ Kristin A. Chmela M.A. CCC-SLP

Board Recognized Specialist, Fluency and Fluency Disorders