June Campbell, MAMy name is June Campbell and I am the founder and sole practitioner of Campbell Speech and Language Services in Carmel, California.

It is my goal to provide state of the art evaluation, treatment and/or consulting services to you or your family member with a communication disorder or concern.

You may be concerned about your toddler with delays in pre-speech vocalizations or your preschool child with poor speech sound production skills, poor skills in understanding or using language, and/or speech disfluencies or stuttering. Your older child may have persisting speech and language problems that may affect development of reading skills. Your older child may also have issues that have not been addressed in earlier years. Many times speech and language skill problems or individual discrepancies may affect reading decoding and, more importantly, reading comprehension, following verbal or written classroom instruction, and/or the quality of spoken or written language. Language skills affect most all areas of learning. Unresolved speech and language issues may follow children into adulthood if skills are not strengthened or coping strategies developed.

As an adult you may have residual speech and language problems or habits that are now impeding work or social goals or desires. Many older children and adults may have what is referred to as “cosmetic” speech problems or issues, for example sound substitutions or language formulation styles that may negatively affect how they present themselves to others.

Both children and adults may also demonstrate a variety of speech and language issues related to neurological problems caused by closed head injuries, neurological illnesses, or strokes.

My goal is to first listen carefully to your concerns and desires for improvement for yourself, your child or another family member. I believe the relationship I develop with clients and family members, coupled with depth of experience and state of the art research knowledge, is the basis for optimal progress to occur. I also believe an in depth case history is needed, which provides me the basis for developing a definitive individualized evaluation protocol. That in turn helps me to develop definitive initial treatment goals that are updated as needed. I consistently communicate about progress with clients and parents.

I bring to Campbell Speech and Language Services years of experience in working with a wide range of communication disorders in children and adults and many years of teaching clinical skills to graduate students at Northwestern University and to professionals through continuing education venues. I have a strong network of colleagues throughout the country…and world…with whom I consult.

Welcome to my website and to Campbell Speech and Language Services. I look forward to interacting with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns, if not for direct services, for your child or yourself.